Welcome to Antcraft 8/17/19
[Owner] Tiodio Likes · Like · 17th Aug 2019
Welcome to Antcraft!

Succeeding from our sister server, Antcraft.net, we are happy to announce that antcraft.co is now ready to serve the players of Minecraft like no other.  

We strive to be a family friendly server that allows players of all ages to enjoy their time spent on our server!

Antcraft.co currently offers the following gamemodes:

- Skyblock (1.8+)
- Creative (1.8+)
- Survival (1.8+)
- Factions (1.8+)
- Prison  (1.8+)
We started Antcraft with the goal of keeping our players busy. We wanted a place players could spend hours and still be entertained without anything getting repetitive.  Each of our 5 game severs are created completely from scratch that strive to meet Antcraft's goal of keeping players busy. 

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