Antcraft Rules

At Antcraft, we strive to make the playing experience fun and safe for all of our players. Listed below are rules set forth by administration to ensure our players' well-being, and satisfaction as they play on our servers. Any chat rules listed here also apply on our forums.

Antcraft Network Rules (simplified):

-  No use of Hacks, Cheats, Glitches, Exploits, or Illegal Mods (clients such as optifine are fine)

- Advertising of Unrelated Servers, Channels, or Streams

- Keep chat clean (don't spam, excessively swear, or swear rudely at players)

- *Swearing is to be kept to a minimum* 
(not to be directed towards any one in a disrespectful manor)

Full (more detailed) list of rules:

These rules apply across all servers!

Griefing / Stealing
Filter Bypass
Player Harassment
Inappropriate Builds
Suicide Encouragement/Talk
Death Threats
Excessive Staff Disrespect
Doxing, DDoSing, or Swatting
Scamming Ranks, Keys, or Other Store Items
Trading Out-of-Game Things
English Only / No Special Fonts in Public Chat
Punishment Evading
Unfair Macros, Scripts or Bots
Inappropriate Name / Player Skin
Personal Targeting
Excessive Vulgar Language
Sexual Discussion
Lag Machines
Staff Impersonation
Excessive    Server  Bashing
Punishment Discussion

(Chat specific rules include any form of chat,
prefixes, faction names, etc)


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